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Moving towards a healthier lifestyle and achieving your desired looks isn’t easy but few things that are truly worthwhile.

Clean 9 will help you establish lifelong habits and help you achieve true and lasting weight management.

This proven cleansing system is the foundation of the Forever F.I.T. program and will put you in the best possible position to attain optimal health, cleanse your body and build a slimmer, leaner you.

Why everybody LOVES Clean 9

-You can lose between 7-14 lbs in just 9 days

-Burns excess fat

-Cleans the toxins stacked in the body

-Amazing body transformation

-Provides step by step meal plan and training advice



  • *Most of our clients lose 5-7 lbs. in 9 days. Results may vary.
  • Consult your doctor before starting the regimen.



DETOX benefits and why is recommended at least once a year:

-help in weight loss and reduce cravings

-improved intestinal health and wellbeing

-improves liver function

-reduces inflammation

-boost immunity

-improves skin appearance, helps eliminate pimples and anti aging effect

-boosts energy

-improve your sleeping patterns

-improved mental clarity and memory

-reduce blood fat levels

-lowering blood pressure levels

-reduced fluid retention, bloatedness and discomfort

-maintain a healthy libido and improve fertility

-less PMS, menstrual cramps and an easier menopause

-assist with hormonal symptoms (eg adrenal fatigue treatment)



What can you expect in the next 9 days

-Our step by step program will guide you true each day providing diet and fitness recommendations, fitnes is optional however recommended for best results

-You’ll look better and feel better and begin to eliminate stored toxins that may be keeping your from absorbing the maximum nutrients in your food

-You’ll also begin to feel lighter and more energized as you prove you can take control of your appetite and see your body begin to change.

-You won’t gain back the weight, Clean 9 is removing toxins and prepares the body for longer term weight loss (or weight gain in some cases too).


What you find in your Clean 9 Package

You’ll get everything you need to provide a nutritional programme for the 9 days with the exception of something to mix with the Ultra-Lite shake (such as soya milk, rice milk, skimmed milk or water) and the meals from day 3 to 9.


Pack contains

2 x 1 litre bottle Forever Aloe Vera Gel – helps detoxify the intestinal tract and maximizes nutrient absorption (for best results we recommend Forever Aloe Vera Gel instead of Forever Aloe Berry Nectar or Forever Aloe Peaches).

1 x Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein Vanilla (15 servings) shake mix is a rich source of vitamins and minerals with 17 g of protein per serving. 

1 x Forever Therm (18 tablets) contains a powerful combination of plant extracts and vitamins that can help support metabolism.

1 x Forever Garcinia Plus (54 softgels) it can help the body burn fat more efficiently and suppress appetite by increasing serotonin levels.

1 x Forever Fibre (9 packets) offers a patented mixture of 5g of water soluble fiber, which helps maintain the feeling of satiety.

1 x Shaker for the preparation of delicious cocktails with Forever Lite Ultra.

1 x Tape Measure  for body measurements – so you can keep track of changes in your body throughout the program.

Information booklet contains detailed information about the program stages, exercise suggestions, table for recording body measurements, schedule with supplements schedule and delicious recipes for lunch and dinner.

*the content of the Clean9 package can vary depending of each country internal regulations, however is designed to have same benefits and results


Useful information (PRINT before starting the regimen):

CLEAN 9 step by step instructions and progress book

CLEAN 9 recommended food options

CLEAN 9 shopping list




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How does the clean 9 Work?

Firstly, pick a nine day sequence when you don’t have any parties or celebrations or travel.

Try to plan the first 2 days in free days as weekends

First two days  you consume the protein and nutrition shakes as a food replacement, Therm tablets to beat your tea and coffee cravings in a naturally inspired way, plus Garcinia to help beat the sweet-tooth carvings

Next 7 days apart from your Shakes and Aloe Juice you are allowed to eat an 600 calorie meal. However, if you are very active – a sports player or have an active job, such as gardening, then you might want to increase that to 1,000 calories.

In the first two days we are living on a more or less liquid diet of high nutrition and low calories, you are not starving your body, you get all the right nutrients

We drink loads of Aloe Vera Gel which is known to clean the body of toxins. Aloe Vera Gel has a history stretching back many thousands of years and has hundreds of studies – all of which show that high quality inner leaf gel is safe and effective in the vast majority of cases (exceptions include extremes – such as very heavy drug users – medical or recreational – who need to be more careful with the cleansing effect of the aloe vera).

In essence, the science to date explains it as follows; our fat cells become surrounded by toxins. These toxins come from our convenience or processed diets, toxins in the atmosphere, our homes, our cars and environment.

The 9 day cleanse works by stripping away those toxins such that the fat cells are then exposed and the body can now access this ‘food store’ for energy production (by converting to Glycogen etc…).

So, it seems that what we are really doing is losing toxins rather than fat cells.

The fat cells then get burnt up when we exercise (or exercise more) and over time – by following the Forever Forever F.I.T 1 follow on weight management program.

Of course, whilst scie and medics are still really only beginning to prove the effects of Aloe Vera, this hasn’t stopped people benefiting from it for many thousands of years.

Are you already quite #active? Jump ahead to #F15 Intermediate 1 & 2 and it will really complement your active lifestyle!

Expected weight lose results?

In average our clients lost 4 KG (about 8.8lbs or pounds) and that is about average – although some people have lost a lot more 7-9 kg.

Programs who promise 10 kg in 10 days

The final results depend of your starting point (initial weight and state of health) and of the time invested in training.

We had clients that just doesn’t like to train and still lost 5 kg, however for best results we recommend that you follow all the recommendations.

Really importantly though, you will lose inches – most people drop a dress or trouser size.

If you continue to use the follow on program – Forever F.I.T 1 and Forever F.I.T. 2, then you can easily lose a second trouser or dress size and then you definitely need a new wardrobe.

The FIT program includes similar products but the recommendations, diet and training are a bit different.

My experience

I must start by saying that I decided to try the C9 mostly for DETOX and also to reduce few centimeters in my waist line.

I’m sportive person, love to train however few months of improper diet shown on my body.

Any sport person know that body change result come 75% from diet and the rest from exercise and proper rest.


Please keep in mind that the results will be also according to your starting point. As I am a fit person with a low body fat percentage my goal was detox and reduce fat from my abdomen. You can see from the table below that I lost 3 kg and the biggest difference in cm was on my waist area because is the only area where I had some stored fat.

-I started the program during weekend which was great idea as the first 2 days were a bit difficult, quite complicated for me to drink all so many liquids, aloe vera , shakes plus 8 glasses of water/day.

-took me 2 days to get used to the taste of the Aloe vera Gel so in the beginning I was adding 1/4 sachet Argi+ in my aloe gel.    Clean 9 Detox Before and After

-I exercised about 15-30 min every day (pilates, squats, abs, jumprope, walks) is really up to you

-once You make it tru the first 2 days the next 7 days are easy. After the 2 day You are used to the program plus the hunger senzation disappear and You add one meal to your diet.

-I’m a vegetarian, however I do have occasionally fish, so my meals were mainly baked veggies, salads and grilled fish (salmon and tuna).

-my advice is to don’t weigh yourself until the end and don’t mesure, for sure at the end you will be happy with the results.

-in the second day I felt a bit dizzy but after that the next days Y was full of energy and been working and exercising like any other day.

-before detox is advisable if You come from a diet full of process meat, sugar, fried products and fast food, to eat lighter for few days and try to remove or reduce the quantity of unhealthy/process foods.

-during the detox You can experience headaches, pimples, dizziness os other symptoms. In general can be one or two and will be for a short period of time, as a effect of the detox, your body is working to eliminate the stored junk from your body and skin. Can happen also that you don’t have any symptoms that is great.

-You can expect as results to have a clear skin, lose few kg, lose centimeter, reduce the body fat percentage, have more energy, and by the time you finish you will notice that the cravings for big quantities of food, and for unhealthy foods will reduce a lot.

-the program is a restart of your metabolic system so the results will stay, however if you want to be healthy and in great shape try to have a balanced diet.

For me the experience was worthed, I’m sure my body appreciated the cleansing and I’m happy with my new abdomen.

In time I tried also juice detox, and must say both work great and I would keep doing detox once every 6 months, best time are spring and autumn. The difference between the 2 types of detox, the aloe one is a bit easier to keep because you receive everything in one package, and also after the second day you have one meal a day, while on the juice detox you need to prepare every day the natural juice or buy them (preparing can be time consuming and buying is more expensive) and have only juice for few days as long as you can go or until you get to the desired results.

If you have questions or need help you are looking for motivation feel free to use the contact form and add in the subject C9, and I will reply to you.


What if you don’t want to exercise

If you don’t have much time for exercise here are few simple advice that can help get your 30 min a day of moderate exercise:

– walk 30 min a day in the park or on the way to work

– put an moderate  video of 30 min light body weight training for home ( can be a great inspiration)

– start the cleans with a friend you can motivate each other

–  if you are looking to lose weight (rather than just a cleanse) then exercise and diet work TOGETHER.

– if you still luck motivation contact me , I  love to train

Go on – you know you can do it!


Other recommendations…..


Personally, I wouldn’t advise it. Not that I think there is any risk – it just doesn’t seem the right time to reduce your calorie intake when you are eating for two (or more).


When breastfeeding

Again, unless you are a regular drinker of our Aloe Vera, then probably not as drinking large quantities of aloe vera might not help your baby breast feed.

However it is important to ensure that you are receiving sufficient high quality nutrition for both yourself and your baby’s milk and aloe vera can significantly help with the absorption of nutrients and vitamins.


Can I repeat

Yes, although twice and certainly more than twice is not normally recommended and you may achieve better results by continuing with the Forever F.I.T. 1 and then FIT 2 programme.

Whilst training for a run or high energy sports activity?

With proper care, yes, although, I usually advice very active people to go straight to Fit 1.

If a sports person really does want the benefit of the cleanse, then they are advised to either skip the first two days, or split the programme into two parts of 4 days – followed by 2 days of normal eating (this might be 3,000+ calories for a Rugby player) followed by the second 5 days.

Alternatively, you can increase the number of shakes – add one per day for an extra 300 calories – or simply include a 600 calorie meal from day one.

If you have a particular question, please contact us for specific advice.



If someone is borderline diabetic type 2, they might try to start at day 3. However, I think this assumes that you are already consuming Aloe Vera Gel and / or have your doctor’s advice. This is important because drinking Aloe could reduce the amount of insulin that you need to take and hence, this is why we always suggest following the programme under your doctors supervision so that they can track any changes needed for your medication.

We don’t advise someone with diabetes type 1 to follow our programme – unless they are determined to do so, in which case we would request a signed risk waiver.


Recommended age 16+

If a child has weight issues then this needs to be tackled but it is likely that there is a psychological aspect to this and hence Clean 9 would not be appropriate.


Being on medication

If you are – or recently have been – on medication (other than over the counter pharmaceuticals) then we would not wish to give generic advice but ask you to speak to your doctor or supplier or if you don’t have a supplier then please contact us. .

We have had people, who were previously on medication, successfully complete our programme but it needs to be handled carefully and under medical supervision and with your doctor’s approval. As distributors of Forever Living, we are not qualified medically to give medical advice.



While having any type of cleansing you can get headache. So, oddly, headaches are a good sign.

To minimize the headaches, we strongly recommend having a tea before you start



Georgiana H

Thanks to the results, I even convinced my husband


Henrietta T

Hi! C9 is a program that really helps you clean your interior and get rid of extra kg in just 9 days. I am delighted with the result. I feel good in my body and I have more energy. I recommend it to anyone who wants a change for the better in their life!


Andreea N.

I highly recommend it! 

In 9 days I lost 4.5 but without sports!

You feel great and you seem to be flying!

Feet lighter, sleep more relaxed and your appetite decreases!

It’s really good! I’m not saying about C 9 just to be bought, but it’s really true! Thank you Forever! 


Mihaela Carmen I.

Excellent. It helped me to reset my metabolism and lose 4 kg of weight. Since then my body works differently.



The best program, efficient, balanced, tonic and with immediate results. I recommend with all confidence, and if you are a couple it would be good to start it together. I lost 6.5 kg in 9 days, but most m -impressed the lost centimeters in the waist.


Bumb Raluca

It’s the most effective detoxification program !!! I’m very pleased with him. In just 9 days I got rid of 5 kg and many cm.



I first did the clean 3 years ago. During the 9 days I gave 3.5kg and instead gained tons of energy. this program is great! it helped me balance my body and fall in love with my body!



  • *Most of our clients lose 5-7 lbs. in 9 days. Results may vary.
  • Consult your doctor before starting the regimen.